Peak Performance by Optimising your Brainhealth
Are you off your game? BrainTraining 4 U
Peak Performance for You
Peak Performance for You


Are you not feeling your best, are your colleages out performing you or are you "off your Game"? then  see below:-

I have a safe and scientifically proven method to help you by using (qEEG) Quantitive Electro-encephalograph assessment and neurofeedback therapy to optimise your (ANS) Autonomic Nervous System, (CNS) Central Nervous System and Brainhealth.

I am the United Kingdoms most experienced consultant clinical psychologist specialist in neuropsycho - physiology and qEEG (quantitative electo encephalograph) assessment providing neurofeedback training and therapy based in central London, England willing and waiting to help you.

If you wish to improve your performance, try adopting my drug free clinical services based on my extensive experience, please contact :

Dr.L.A.Parkinson B.Sc.Hons.M.Sc.C.Psychol. A.F.B.Ps.S.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Appointments:


Telephone: (0900 - 2100 Hours) 020 7467 8300.
Ad Hoc Thursday and Friday Appointments:

Telephone: (0900 - 1800 Hours) 07850312019.
Brainhealth. 10 Harley Street, LONDON. W1G 9PF.

All other times please contact us via e-mail:

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